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Welcome to Lannom Law LLC

We are an Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Real Estate Firm that wants to help you establish your Legacy.  You have worked your entire life to achieve success. You have earned the right to determine what happens to your assets during your lifetime and after your death to provide security and prosperity for you and your family.

​At Lannom Law, we believe every Tennessean who cares about the well-being of their family and friends needs an Estate Plan. We know that Estate Planning is not always about what happens after death, but is about effectively managing your wealth and providing for yourself and your loved ones throughout your lifetime and beyond.

Lannom Law’s focus on estate planning will allow you to implement an estate plan that will efficiently solve the worries and issues facing your family and enable financial security and prosperity to pass on to the next generation. Lannom Law’s attorneys are committed to excellence, and that means assisting you to establish an estate plan that meets your needs and reaches the highest level of legal services.

Lannom Law is committed to serving the citizens of Tennessee as they plan for their future. Contact us today and let us help you establish your Legacy.

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