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We deliver peace of mind and security.

  • Lannom Law LLC is an Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Business Development law firm that is dedicated to assisting Tennessee families and small businesses with creating generational wealth to Establish their Legacies and protect the people, assets, and property that are important to them. Do you have a plan that provides for your family and protects your assets and property?

  • At Lannom Law LLC, we believe every Tennessean who cares about the well-being of their family and values security needs an estate plan. We know that estate planning is not always about what happens after death, but is about effectively managing your wealth and providing for yourself and your loved ones throughout your lifetime.

  • Lannom Law LLC’s focus on estate planning will allow you to implement a plan that will efficiently solve the worries facing your family and enable financial security and prosperity to pass on to the next generation. Lannom Law’s attorneys are committed to excellence, and that means assisting you to establish an estate plan that meets your needs and reaches the highest level of advocacy.

  • Lannom Law LLC is committed to serving the citizens of Tennessee as they plan for their future. Contact us today and let us help you Establish Your Legacy.

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Service Solutions: 

Based in Cookeville and
serving the entire state of Tennessee



  • Foundational Planning

        Including Last Will and Testaments, Durable Power of 

            Attorneys and Health Care Documents 

  • Legacy Planning for Minor Children

  • Revocable Living Trust Plans 

  • Asset Protection Plans

  • Irrevocable Trust Plans 

  • Business Owner Estate Plans

  • Special Needs Planning



  • Business Formation 

  • Shareholder / Operating Agreements

  • Employment Agreements 

  • Buy/Sell Agreements 

  • Lease Agreements 

  • Business Succession Planning



  • Probate Administration/ Mediation

  • Overseeing Estate Distribution

  • Settling Estate Debts

  • Negotiating Claims Against Estates

  • Trust Administration 

Why Lannom Law LLC?
Our Clients Come First

We find solutions in YOUR best interest

We are dedicated to putting our client's interests first, and that means finding a solution to their family's unique estate planning goals.

No matter if your needs are simple or complex, we can help. From creating a legally binding Will or Trust, setting up a new business, navigating the probate process, protecting your elderly parents or special needs dependents, or protecting the people and property you care about most, we know how to find a solution that is in your best interest. 

Our solution-driven yet compassionate approach is what guides us at Lannom Law LLC. We understand the grief that families go through with the loss of a loved one and the stress that surrounds the planning process. That's why we approach every client and situation with our unique planning process to ensure the client's goals are met. 

Advanced Training and Education

  • ​Tyler and Victoria received their LL.M. (Masters of Law) from Western New England University School of Law​ in Estate Planning and Elder Law.

  • Lannom Law has the only attorneys in the Upper Cumberland region that hold advanced Masters of Law degrees in Estate Planning and Elder Law


S. Victoria Lannom, J.D., LL.M. 

Tyler W. Lannom, J.D., LL.M. 


Step 1


Your winning team will include: 

·   Attorney

·   Accountant

·   Trustee

·   Financial Planner

·   Tax Advisor 

·   Insurance Advisor 

·   Banking Professionals



Before our Initial Conference, we work with you and/or your referring advisor, so we can understand your financial background, your situation and needs. 


During this part of the Estate Planning process, you will complete our initial intake packet to provide us with basic contact information, a snap shot of your current assets and an idea of your Estate Planning goals and objectives.

Go Team

Step 2



  • Review existing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, etc. 

  • Gather asset information


  • Determine and express your Estate Planning goals 

Initial Conference


We will discuss in detail your background and family, goals and concerns, and any issues identified in your initial intake packet that require further consideration.


At the end of this meeting, a fee range will be quoted based on a preliminary plan design.

Taking Notes

Step 3




  • Review facts and your goals

  • Determine if current needs are being met

  • Determine if future needs have been contemplated


  • Express your beneficiary designations 

  • Determine your Executor/ Trustee/ Agent appointments

  • Decide powers to give and withhold from Agents and specific wishes to include in your documents

Design Meeting


During this meeting, your proposed Estate Plan design will be presented to you. Together, we will create a customized Estate Plan strategy that meets your goals and objectives while addressing your concerns and anxieties. 

Business Meeting

Step 4




  • Prepare documents

  • Make suggestions for additional things you might want to include in your documents


  • Review team suggestions 

  • Receive clarification of team suggestions 

  • Make final edits and revisions as necessary

Review Meeting


We review your Estate Planning Documents with you to ensure that you understand your Estate Plan and that it meets your goals and objectives.

We will make sure all changes are implemented to your Estate Plan prior to the Signing Ceremony.

Go Team

Step 5




  • Finalize documents

  • Execute documents at Signing Ceremony



  • Sign the legal documents to establish your Estate Plan

Signing Ceremony


At this point, your final Estate Planning documents are finalized and ready for you to sign. 

You will sign your documents in front of one of our notaries and two disinterested witnesses. After you sign the finalized documents, your Estate Plan will be in effect and you can celebrate completing this milestone.

Signing a Contract

Step 6




  • At Client's request, we can prepare instructions on funding and beneficiary changes

  • At Client's request, we can prepare deeds and other documents needed


  • Purchase necessary insurance

  • Re-title assets as needed

Once your documents have been executed, we are available to assist you with beneficiary designation changes and other funding issues to ensure your planning is effective and works as designed.


Some Clients request assistance with funding, while others prefer to complete it themselves. We will discuss your wishes at the Signing Ceremony. 

Dollar Bill in Jar

Step 7




  • Keep your Estate Plan up-to-date with annual reviews to ensure nothing has changed and that your Estate Plan is in compliance with current tax laws

Upon your request, after your Estate Plan has been established, our Attorneys are available to educate your family members, executors, trustees, agents and beneficiaries about your Estate Plan, their roles in the plan, and why the plan is designed as it is.


Note: We take confidentiality very seriously. Subject to certain limitations, nothing about a Client's estate plan will be revealed unless our client specifically requests or authorizes us to release it.

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Ready to get started?

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Don't leave it to the ones left behind to figure things out.


Leaving a mess for loved ones to deal with only makes a painful situation much, much worse.


When someone passes away with out a plan in place outlining their wishes, it can lead to unnecessary stress, confusion, and bickering at a painful time.


No one wants the Probate Court to decide what happens to their property and dependents after they die, but this is exactly what happens without proper planning.

The first step to ensuring a bright and secure future for your loved ones is to register for our FREE ESTATE PLANNING WORKSHIPS or CONTACT US to set up an Initial Conference.


If you have any questions or you're ready to get started on your Estate Plan now,  call us at 931-651-1900.