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Long-Term Care Crisis Planning

   Lannom Law’s unique lifetime counselor and advocacy approach is uniquely positioned to assist those in need of planning for long-term care in a crisis scenario. As individuals and families mature and age, circumstances can be altered dramatically due to a life event. We collaborate with other professionals including community-based care organizations, end-of-life care professionals, nursing homes, and advocacy groups with the resources to enhance the quality of life through the various stages of aging.

   Our crisis planning includes asset protection strategies that often include gifting, financial planning, and income and asset reallocation. Crisis planning often incorporates estate planning with a trust such as “Miller” or Qualified Income Trust that allows a person to obtain government long-term care benefits, such as Medicaid.

Our crisis planning also includes:

  • Initiating the Medicaid application

  • Preparing the client for the Medicaid interview

  • Appeals

  • Guardianship/Conservatorship

   Our firm also has social workers that can be implemented to assist families in the home with the emotional and practical side of long-term care or end-of-life planning for a loved one. We understand the gravity of the situation your family could face, and we’re here to help.

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