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When a loved one passes away to greener pastures, that individual’s estate is administered by a probate court, which distributes the property according to the deceased family member’s Last Will and Testament. If the deceased did not leave a Last Will and Testament, then that individual’s estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy in Tennessee.

This settlement process is known as probate and can be relatively simple or complex depending on the size and assets of the estate, whether or not the individual had a Will or Trust, and whether the estate is being contested by a family member. Furthermore, an administrator is required to file an inventory with the court to properly settle the estate. The duties of the administrator are important and include protecting the interests of the beneficiaries, settling any debt the estate owes to creditors, notifying any beneficiaries of their rights that may be affected through the probate process, and maintaining property of the estate. The attorneys at Lannom Law can assist you throughout this incredibly stressful process to give you and your family peace of mind knowing it is done correctly and efficiently.